Most traffic comes and leaves immediately. Everybody has ADHD, you can’t stop them from leaving. #Data

avinash kaushik

Avinash Kaushik, is one of the greatest if not the greatest data evangelist there is to know! Apart from his intelligence, his vibrant personality and candid humour, is all that completes this genius! I have recently grown into a habit of watching this great gentleman talk and now share his knowledge with others. In the mid of learning all that I can about data and data analytics, I’ve been summarizing key points from Avinash Kaushik’s talks and within this particular blog post, share some of his truths! If you’d also like to see the full video, click (here)

 1. Data gives you lots of questions and numbers but no answers.

2. Data puking is no longer right in the frame of reports is no longer acceptable.

3. Say “So what” three times when trying to identify the right metric to measure performance.

4. Data should drive action.

5. There is a difference between a Dashboard and a Report but a lot of individuals confuse this.

6. You don’t have to accept what Google analytics default report offer, create personalised ones for your own business.

7. A lot of people obsess about the homepage of their websites, what people type into the search engine, that is the home page of your website, not what you created.

8. Look at entrance paths, entrance keywords and identify which is your home page.

9. Sometimes you cant make decisions on your data, because you don’t have context ( extremely important)

10.Setting up goals allows you to provide context to your data.

11. Who cares about the absolute number, what are the actual improvements that have been made.

12. People against lonely metrics (Palm)

13. Why look at one metric, you need to find a best friend for your page metric.

14. Never look at one metric by itself ( wont impact your bottom line) Such as Avg. time on website and page on site.

15. Avg. hide the truth very effectively. ( such as an example where Avinash compares his salary to Bill Gates)

16. Do distribution and you will find out what is happening on your website.

17.Powerful way of looking at data, if you identify how loyal your customers are.

18. What about recency? Do people come again and again, when was the last time you seen Jim? Use this metric.

19. Huge metric of bounce rate : “I came, I puked, I left, bounce rate is extremely important.”

20. Avg. conversion rate in America is 2%. As a benchmark.

21. Most traffic comes and leaves immediately. Everybody has ADHD, you can’t stop them from leaving.

22. Search engines and bounce rate together to measure performance.

23. Look at top three entry pages and look at bounce rate.

24. The 10/90 rule you need to get lots of value ( ten dollars for the tool and the rest on the people)

25. Business acumen and common sense is extremely important when working with data.

26. Reporting is not analysis.

27. An educated mistake is better than no action at all.

28. Define, measure, analyse, improve.

29. Experiment or go home!

30. Do testing as testing gives you control.

31. 80% of the time you are wrong what customers want.

32. Let the actions be taken for you, by your customers.

33. Robots don’t execute java script and java script tags.


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