The Power of Story : Tips By Doug Stevenson #TalksAtGoogle

 …it’s one of those “you had to be there moments.”

How to avoid one of these awkward encounters, after sharing a story of your own! 

1. Emotional connection needs to be created in order for data to stick.

2. It is not enough to have an interesting story.

3. Make your story visual by creating environments. Make it three dimensional.

4. Make it emotional!

5. Do not put audience into content coma ( too much content) #Snooze

6. A story that teaches of what I do.

7. Hide the good medicine in the peanut butter. Like a Trojan horse, the selling content is hidden within the story.

8. Don’t describe emotions, act them out.

9. Act out dialogue

10. 3-6 minutes is a length for a story.

(Link to this talk here)

Any stories to share? Say Hi 🙂



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