Now You Know : Avinash Kaushik @ #ThinkMarketing

…At the alter of branding, they decide to treat you like crap.

Top Ten Tips I took away with me after watching Avinash Kauskik speak at a Think Marketing Conference. Here is what this genius had to say and for full version link attached:  here

Otherwise, 1o Short Tips:

Experiment with the use of Google Website Optimiser and optimise your webpages.

Google Browser Size ( see how much of your screen is being cut off for your customers.)

Never put sexiness before functionality.

Every time you use a flash on your website, a puppy dies.

Embrace experimentation.

10% of your marketing budget should be spent on experimentation.

Demand to fail faster, in order to stay and revolutionise your online self.

So much to do, hard to focus. The existing problem is that too many people in marketing are working in sylos, where a single view of all the work done, is hard to showcase to the CEO. How does this all lead to one coherent outcome for the business?

In terms of marketing ask yourself what are we doing for cost, price, share and size? ( Framework and explanation attached below)

Your metrics need context, otherwise no one cares.

Avinash Kaushik

(For explanation of use : here)

Gone to make a strategy of my own, best of luck with yours!


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