Social Bookmarking? #Reddit #StumbleUpon #Digg

Do you know all there is to know about these online communities? 

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Social bookmarking systems have recently gained interest amongst researchers in the areas of data mining and web intelligence as they are said to provide a vast amount of user-generated annotations and reflect the interests of millions of people. (Wetzket et al. 2008)

Research in this area show that “ spam is as severe in social bookmarking too as in email” where analysis of the Top 20 most active users uncovered 19 users of apparently non human origin who were posting tens of thousands of URLs pointing out to only a few domains.” (Wetzket et al. 2008)

In relation to different types of social sites “Digg is a social news aggregator which allows users to submit links to, vote on and discuss news stories.” (Lerman 2006) Digg users are said to “designate other users as “friends” and easily track friends’ activities: what new stories they submitted, commented on or read.” (Lerman 2006) Digg is said to be “arguably one of the most successful social news aggregators due to its simplicity.” (Lerman 2006)

These new social media sites are said to “offer a glimpse into the future of the Web, where rather than passively consuming information, users will actively participate in creating, evaluating and disseminating information.” (Lerman 2006)

To note, further research has started that to “improve existing social bookmarking systems and to design new ones, researchers and practitioners need to understand how to evaluate tagging behavior.” (Farooq et al 2007)

Researchers proposed six tag metricsBtag growth, tag reuse, tag non-obviousness, tag discrimination, tag frequency, and tag patternsBto understand the characteristics of a social bookmarking system” (Farooq et al 2007) which could be of benefit to markets if examined further. However one does need to take note of “Reddits Violentactz, the Biggest Troll on the Web.”(Chen 2012)

He is “The self-described “creepy uncle of Reddit” has played a little-known but crucial role in Reddit’s development into the online juggernaut it is today.”(Chen 2012) His specialty “His is distributing images of scantily-clad underage girls, but as Violentacrez he also issued an unending fountain of racism, porn, gore, misogyny, incest, and exotic abominations yet unnamed, all on the sprawling online community Reddit.”(Chen 2012)

With this in mind, one needs to consider whether Reddit is the choice for them and identify and if so identify ways it can used by professional means.


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