Skills Needed For A Data Analyst Position

Data Scientist known as the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century!

Data Scientist Job

Apart from it’s great name, I believe a lot of fun comes with the thought of segmenting data! This is where you get to relive how your customer chose to interact with your brand, while browsing through their phone in bed, or while sitting on the bus to work or college!

As I found this job position well suited to my personality and my annoyingly needy way to know all detail to a story, I conducted searches to find out what are the most sought after skills for an aspiring data analyst.So… here they are :

1. The ability to understand the data and what it represents as well as evaluate its trustworthiness and credibility.

2. Understanding of what it is that needs to be solved, ( realize the problem) where the right data is chosen for solution rather than just all that is interesting.

3.  Ability to communicate findings well, where no action will be taken if not convincingly shared.

4. Excel skills and Power Point are extremes.

5. Figuring things out is an important skill to have for a digital analyst! ( This is extremely true in relation to SQL)

6. Build a website, ran Google Adwords and created Social Media presence. ( Digital marketing and data are heavily correlated)

7. Functionalism, Use-case Analysis, and 2-Tiered Segmentation Frameworks ( To be used for measurement strategy)

That’s it for now, until we master the above seven! #DataScientist


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