Key Points From “World of And” w/ Avinash Kaushik @ SUPERWEEK 2014 Analytics Summit

1. Today the world is complicated, don’t look for “or solutions” such as offline marketing or online but “and solutions” where you have to do it all in order to be successful.

2. Companies concentrate too much on shiny data analytics tools, rather than spending money on people who will actually make sense of the data. Advice is to not to overspend on tools, but on people.

3. The Symptom of treating analytics as an after thought still pervades the industry.

4. It is extremely important to consider the quality of the data you are working with, as if you don’t have the right data, you don’t have the right starting point.

5. Google Tag Manager is a useful tool to be aware of.

6. It is important to understand how data can help you reduce risk and improve conversions.

7. It is important to set out the right KPIS in order to succeed with analytics.

8. The overuse of terminology has caused an annoyance, where the substance of the material is made fluffy. 

9. We now deal with terabytes of data, in the future this will convert to zerabytes of data.

10. In many organisations today, analytics solutions are outsourced.

11. Social media,is not an advertising channel, it is a relationship channel.

12. You need to give, give, give.

13. Shouting at people, how to interrupt you rather than how to influence you in a way that is most comfortable for you.

14. Conversational marketing, this shift needs to happen.

15. Find correlation, then do predictive analytics

16. There is proliferation of devices ( across multiple devices how to reach that same person)

17. People are consuming all day, where the highest online audience is from ten pm onwards.

18. User id has a lot of promise across multiple devices.

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