Fast Fashion Found in Your Wardrobe!



This is how I feel about clothes…. 

And if I could go shopping everyday  I probably would…  Sarah Jessica Parker, Shoes, Just give me a big closet gif

But there might be a slight problem…

Help me I'm Poor Meme

So what is the big “Please don’t tell?”Zara

Why the Retail Industry Can’t Keep you With Zara  It seems there’s others that agree 😉

Having picked out pieces from the 2014 fashion runaways and flicked through Vogue, I came up with a Wish List for my next few buys and sure enough find similar products on Zara’s website.

Take a look below 🙂

First Buy

1. In the Press Olivia Palermo wears Zara at Paris Fashion Week

Olivia Palermo, Zara, DressOlivia Palermo, Dress, Zara

Zara, Checked Dress with Zips, Dublin On the lookout for those killer grey boots!

Second Buy

2. Proenza Shoulder Criss-Cross Crop

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 9.52.56 PM

Zara didn’t  fail to disappoint… and  I even prefer Zara’s version of the criss-cross crop!

Zara Left vs Proenza Shouler Right

Zara. Proenza Shoulder, criss cross crop top, fashion


My Next Planned Buy

1. Zara Strappy Studio Top


As inspired by Emma Watson’s Dress At Noah’s Premiere London 2014.

White Dress, Emma Watson Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 9.06.11 AM Emma Watson Best dressed of the week Zara white top

Oh and in  order to get the full look, why not play match up with a white pencil skirt?! By now you may know a good place you find one wink wink



Not quite finished exploring just yet?

How about a few Make Up Tips to match with our new Wish List?



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