Purple Cow anyone?

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purple cow Seth Godin   Oh hey, is that a purple cow ?

To those that have already heard of the term and have already sussed out its relevance to this digital marketing blog I am sorry but further insights to those that you have already been informed by Seth Godin  I will not portray. The main aim of this post is to advise those that have not read this  great book to why they should make it their priority. I will offer two pathways how  you may choose to become an expert in the subject matter.

1. Free access to a digital copy Purple Cow: Transform your Business by Being remarkable by Seth Godin and make your own opinions and assumptions what is important to take note. Stop reading here and enjoy!

2. Save time and effort if you’re not a reader and  collect the main insights (listed below) in which I have bundled  together for future reference. These insights are snapshots of the main points of the book which stood out to me the most and were most influential in potential.

Here she goes.


This is not a real cow by the way which has been painted purple and this is not an blog based on agriculture to anyone that may been mislead by the title.


The book starts of with a set of quotes which I thought important of mention, David Packard who states that “Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department”,  and also the latter displays  below why the need for a purple cow has arisen.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 12.48.31 AM

1.What is the purple cow within a marketing context?

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 12.55.05 AM+ and is based on the essence of being remarkable.

2. What exactly is remarkable and what qualities should this purple cow contain?

Something remarkable is worth talking about. It is interesting. It is a purple cow which stands outs from all the other cows. Just like this one.

tumblr_mje3liu7EF1s6gvmio1_500  I  like to mooo it, mooo it.

To take note , the opposite of a purple cow is “good enough”. Thus, when you link back these two definitions to a product example a remarkable product is one which stands out from all the others, while “good enough” meets the basics needs and characteristics and does not excite me or you. Such as Aspirin. Oh hey there’s aspirin. BUT oh hey purple cow lets take a picture of it and share it with  friends!

This is important to note as creating remarkable products may be perceived as a risky path to cross, however Seth Godin states that staying safe is in fact the more risky journey to take and  even if your purple cow fails you will still end up producing something which is “good enough”.

3. Why do we need Purple Cows?


Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 1.37.04 AM

plus the death of the TV complex has incurred.

 This has caused for change :

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 4.55.21 PM

All the basic needs have been met by multiple offerings,  mass marketing no longer works. Consumers now need remarkable products to be persuaded to buy that will exceed their expectations. Further explained in snapshot below.

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 2.33.17 PM

Where does marketing fit in? Right in the core of the product. In the production department. In the packaging. Whether its personalised experience where the waiter knows your order and greets you on a name basis or whether its the empowering packaging of a piece of clothing you have just purchased. I recently have purchased a jacket for the summer and the service I received and packaging was impeccable. If you’re interested to hear more about the experience and view the jacket click here.

In conclusion, the idea is to create something remarkable which will attract the attention of an audience, however a very specific audience. The audience which you need to concentrate on are the innovators and the early adopters which will spread the idea of your product to their friends. As Seth Godin states : “It is useless to advertise to anyone ( except interest sneezers with influence). Having succeeded in gaining the interest of influencers within your industry  you know wait for the process of word of mouth to carry your product to the end of Moore’s Idea Diffusion Curve. Important to note, when designing a remarkable product you also need to ensure that the tagline that comes along with it portrays the exact message that you want to be perceived by the audience. This tagline will act as a lending hand to the vanguards  who will spread the benefits of the product to their friends.

If I now have gained your interest in this topic, scroll up and enjoy the free digital copy of the Purple Cow. Maybe want to  learn something about  the author?  Here is an interview 


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